Python & ArcPy Geoprocessing


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This online course introduces students to the Python scripting language, the process of writing a script using the ArcPy module, and how to manipulate and analyze GIS data using scripts. Students learn how the Python scripting language can be used to automate GIS tasks in ArcGIS Pro. No previous programming experience is required.

Certificate: This course is required for the Professional Geospatial Data Analytics & Visualization Certificate or can be taken individually.

Offered: Spring (session 2), Summer (session 4), Fall (session 6). Session dates.

Length: 7 weeks.

Textbook: None.

Credit Version: Geo 429 (Programming with Spatial Data)

Prerequisite: None.

Author: Written by Dr. Paul McCord (GISP), GIS Analyst at OHM Advisors, MSU-Geography alumnus, and former GIS Developer for Wayne County, Michigan.

How to Register: You can easily register for onGEO-PAPG via Cashnet. Select the course you want to take from those listed in the store and follow these instructions (MSU GoogleDoc).