Geovisualization: Temporal and Interactive Mapping


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This online course is designed to meet the geospatial visualization needs of many different GIS professionals by introducing students to ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online (AGOL), RStudio, and GitHub and giving them an opportunity to build an online portfolio (as a StoryMap) of their course projects.

Certificate: This course is required for the Professional Geospatial Data Analytics & Visualization Certificate or can be taken individually.

Offered: Spring (session 1), Summer (session 3), Fall (session 5). Session dates.

Length: 7 weeks.

Textbook: None.

Credit Version: Geo 426 (Thematic Cartography)

Prerequisite: This course assumes you have an understanding of basic cartographic terms, concepts and skills, such as are taught in the CART course. If you do not have his foundational background, we recommend you ask Dr. Shi about how you are to proceed (either take the Cartography course or continue on with this course).

Author: Written by Dr. Kyle Redican, Spatial Analysis Laboratory Director at the University of Richmond and MSU-Geography alumnus.

How to Register: You can easily register for onGEO-GTIM via Cashnet. Select the course you want to take from those listed in the store and follow these instructions (MSU GoogleDoc).