Drones in the Field: Open-source Solutions for Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis


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This online course is designed for those who wish to use drones as a mapping platform, teaching industry professionals how to collect, process, analyze, and visualize drone imagery using open-source software. Mapping with drones is useful across the fields of agriculture, engineering and construction, natural resource management, and many more. Moreover, the ability to do so using low-cost or free software opens opportunities to individuals and small organizations.

This course is the product of a collaborative partnership between onGEO and the RS&GIS research group through MSU's Project GREEEN (AgBioResearch).

Certificate: This course can be used as a specialization for the Professional GIS Certificate or can be taken individually. It is NOT a required course for the Certificate (at this time).

Offered: Spring (sessions 1 and 2), Summer (session 4), and possibly Fall (session 6). Session dates.

Length: 7 weeks.

Textbook: None.

Credit Version: None.

How to Register: You can easily register for onGEO-DITF via Cashnet. Select the course you want to take from those listed in the store and follow these instructions (MSU GoogleDoc).