Geo215, Sports Geography is New This Summer!

April 15, 2024

OnGEO is pleased to announce our newest fully online undergraduate course, GEO 215: Sports Geography, which will be offered in the Second Summer Session, 2024.

Course Overview

Sports are considered by many to be a universal language that can bring people together no matter their origin, background, religious beliefs, economic status, or age. In Sports Geography, we use sports as our medium to learn more about core geographic principles. Sports can be used as the medium to explain all sorts of different landscapes and how we can think critically about the spatial heterogeneity and similarities between places. Throughout the course you will get to see how different types of geographers might think about sports or be able to contribute to the explanations and analyses of the sports landscapes.

Topics Covered

  • Culture, Cultural Geography, & Mascots
  • Regulatory Landscapes (NCAA Sports)
  • Economic Landscapes (Professional Sports)
  • Geopolitics & the Diffusion of Sports
  • Racial Segregation & Sports
  • Geospatial Analytics & Sports
  • North American Sports Diffusion (Sports and Place with a U.S. Context)
  • Physical Geography & Sports
  • Geographies of Sports Gambling

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