Geospatial Technology

Geo 802v



This course is a graduate-level introduction to geospatial technologies and tools, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Its primary objective is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the basic technologies employed by geographers, that is, geo-technologies. More specifically, the focus of the course is on the digital representation, analyses, and application of spatial theories. Topics explored include geographic information, remote sensing platforms, aerial image processing and interpretation, data collection using global positioning systems, spatial data structures, and cartographic design. Although, at its most basic, geospatial technology is simply a map represented digitally, students should emerge from this class knowing that geospatial technology has the capacity to be significantly more robust than the simple visualization of an area.

Offered: At least one section of Geospatial Technology is offered during the fall semester. See the Schedule of Courses for course availability.

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Course Authors(s): Robert Goodwin, GISP; Justin Booth, GISP; Adrienne Goldsberry, MA, AICP; Grant Gunn, Ph.D.; Nathan Moore, Ph.D.

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