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Enroll in Undergraduate or Graduate Courses

If you would like to take our courses for academic credit so that they are listed on your transcripts, you have two options. Option 1 (outlined below) is for anyone who is not a degree-seeking student currently enrolled at Michigan State University. Option 2 (also outlined below) is for degree-seeking students who are currently enrolled at Michigan State University.


Option 1 for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses.
Non-degree-seeking students/professionals

If you want to earn academic credit and want to have your coursework to appear on your transcript, onGEO's for-credit undergraduate and graduate courses can be taken through the Lifelong Education program at Michigan State University and are eligible for State Continuing Education Clock Hours (with approval). A variety of online courses are available, with topics that span the wide range of geography's study areas, including human/cultural geography, physical geography, environmental issues, and geospatial tools and technologies.

Who is this option for?

Students or professionals wanting to earn college credits, without earning a degree at Michigan State University. You do not need to be an MSU student or alumnus to take our credit courses.

Want to learn more about our online credit courses?

Check out the course descriptions for 100-300 level courses and 400-800 level courses. We currently have 13 different online geography courses that can be taken for credit (and are also eligible for clock hours).

Want to talk to someone about our credit courses?

Email us at We can talk to you via email or give you a call. We are happy to answer your questions, help you plan your course schedule, and guide you in the enrollment process.

When are the credit courses offered?

Our credit courses are offered four times a year (listed below). Please refer to the Schedule of Courses to see which online GEO courses are offered during each semester/session.

  1. Fall Semester (August to December)
  2. Spring Semester (January to May)
  3. Summer, First Session (May to June)
  4. Summer, Second Session (July to August)

Want to enroll in a course?

Enrolling in our credit courses is as easy as 1-2-3. Classes begin four times throughout the year (listed above), so:

  1. Select an online GEO course that is being offered during the semester/session you want*;
  2. If you are new to Lifelong Education at MSU, you need to complete an online Lifelong Education Application and initiate your new MSUNet ID and password (for email and access to University resources); and
  3. Once your Lifelong Ed status has been established, you need to enroll in the course using the Schedule of Courses or with assistance from the Registrar's office.

*On the Schedule of Courses page, (1) choose a semester, (2) set the subject to "Geography," and (3) check "Online Courses" for the location.
** If you are an MSU alumnus/a, please contact the Registrar about the easiest way for you to enroll in credit courses (possibly via Readmission or Lifelong Education). If you are a current, active MSU student, please enroll for our GEO courses as you normally would using the Schedule of Courses / Schedule Builder or StuINFO systems.

What is the cost?

The cost of the undergraduate and graduate (credit) courses follow the University's tuition-fee structure. Tuition is determined by (1) the semester in which you take the class, (2) your student status (degree- or non-degree- seeking), and (3) your residency.


Option 2 for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses.
Degree-seeking student at Michigan State University

If you are a degree-seeking student at Michigan State University, then you can enroll in our undergraduate and graduate courses as you would for any other course at Michigan State University. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Geography Department's courses, feel free to contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Ryan Shadbolt <> or our Graduate Advisor, Dr. Nathan Moore <>. If you need help enrolling in our courses, please contact the Registrar.

Here is the override policy for onGEO undergraduate courses.