Physical Geography

Geo 206v



This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the natural environment in which we live and the way it functions, at varying scales from local to global. Specifically, it aims to introduce students to important concepts, facts, and terminology of physical geography and impart an appreciation of the interrelationships between humans and their environment. Physical Geography is an ideal course for students wishing to develop a fundamental understanding of Earth systems and gain a greater appreciation for the physical landscapes around them. The introduction of many basic, physical processes, such as global circulation, plate tectonics, and fluvial systems, make Physical Geography a useful foundation for other geography courses.

Offered: At least one section of Physical Geography is offered during the first or second summer sessions; it may also be offered during the fall or spring semester. See the Schedule of Courses for course availability.

Course Description: via Registrar

Course Authors(s): Alan F. Arbogast, Ph.D.; Juliegh Bookout, M.A.

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