Human Geography

Geo 151v



This course introduces students to the spatial patterns and processes that shape how humans use and alter their environment, creating the diversity of places and people in the world today. In this context, a variety of topics are explored including population patterns and dynamics, religious and language diversity, economic development, agricultural systems, urban geography, and geopolitics. With each of these topics the focus is on the current patterns and processes of global change, geographical variability of these patterns and processes, and ways in which changes at the global scale are affecting, and in turn are affected by, local and regional events and conditions. Students should emerge from this course more aware of the patterns and processes that affect global change and able to evaluate and think critically about current events.

Offered: At least one section of World Regional Geography is offered during the first or second summer sessions; it may also be offered during the fall or spring semester. See the Schedule of Courses for course availability.

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Course Authors(s): Dick Groop, Ph.D.; Gary Schnakenberg, Ph.D.; Adrienne Goldsberry, M.A., AICP; Juliegh Bookout, M.A.

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