World Regional Geography

Geo 204v



The content of this course is increasingly relevant considering the highly-globalized society in which we live. The reality is that it is no longer realistic to declare that one need not care about the rest of the world. Rather, it is imperative to have a population that is globally conscientious. Even professionals need to be cognizant of places other than their own due to complex globalized webs and supply chains, and the cultural customs that play a role in business negotiations. World Regional Geography is an ideal course for students wishing to gain global geographical knowledge, expand their understanding of world realms and cultures, explore modern, global and regional issues, and challenge themselves to expand their intellectual horizons and perspective.

Offered: At least one section of World Regional Geography is offered during the first or second summer sessions; it may also be offered during the fall or spring semester. See the Schedule of Courses for course availability.

Course Description: via Registrar

Course Authors(s): Gary Schnakenberg, Ph.D.; Juliegh Bookout, M.A.

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