Professional Student Praise

Professional Student Praise

I wanted to let you know that I am using Adobe Illustrator a lot in my current class (structural geology) and I definitely feel ahead of the curve with all my experience using the program in the onGEO courses. Hoping to use ArcGIS for the final project too! Thanks again!
(John Mark Brigham, 2016; completed his Professional GIS Certificate in 2014 and is now in graduate school in Geology!)

“I enjoyed the classes & have recommended them to several people & intend to continue to recommend. Thanks to all of you!!”
(Anonymous feedback from a survey of all Professional GIS Certificate alums, 2015)

I gained more knowledge and developed new skills that will assist me with my future works in GIS. I had a very nice experience enrolling for the certificate course. You and your ongeo team are doing a great job! Well done.
(Fatimat Adenike Adebiyi, 2015; completed her Professional GIS Certificate in 2015)

“Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful class. I have never learned so much in one class, and actually gained so many new things, skills in Geospatial technology, it’s amazing field. I had great interest in Geospatial technology and now I love it more than any time before,  and I am looking forward to complete next courses of the certificate and eventually later on go for a Master’s degree.”
(Cheikh Sidi Elmoctar, 2015)

I have found the first course very informative!  It is all relatively new information for me, and I wasn’t sure how “into it” I would be, but I found that I really enjoyed learning about geospatial technology and am looking forward to the remainder of the courses.
(Jennifer Kelleher-Hazlett, 2013; completed her Professional GIS Certificate in 2014)

“Thought I would let you and the ONGEO staff know that I really enjoyed the course! It was a great Introduction to Geo-Spatial tools and technology. I plan on continuing the program…”
(Nathan Poley, 2014)

The lessons were extremely valuable with a lot of real world examples.
(Andreas Eliasson, 2013)

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