Fast Facts for Online Geography @ MSU



Spring: 767 undergrad/grad students served; 102 professional students served

Summer: 719 undergrad/grad students served; 103 professional students served

Fall: 555 undergrad/grad students served; 36 professional students served (as of 23 Aug.)

Total: 2,282 students served


Total (1999 to Fall 2017)

24,102 students served



Undergraduate Courses

Geo 151v, Human Geography, launched 2014

Geo 203v, Introduction to Meteorology, launched 2011

Geo 204v, World Regional Geography, launched 2003

Geo 206v, Physical Geography, launched 1999

Geo 221v, Introduction to Geographic Information, launched 2009

Geo 324v, Remote Sensing of the Environment, launched 2008

Geo 325v, Geographic Information Systems, launched 2012

Geo 330v, Geography of the United States and Canada, launched 2005

Geo 326v (formerly 423v), Cartographic Design and Production, launched 2012

ISS 310v, People and the Environment, launched 2002

Graduate Courses

Geo 802v, Geospatial Technology, launched 2009

Professional Certificate Courses

Introduction to Geospatial Technologies, launched Spring 2013

Remote Sensing, launched for Summer 2013

Geographic Information Systems, launched Spring 2013

Cartography, launched for Summer 2013


Staff, Faculty, and Instructors


Beth Weisenborn, 2001

Juliegh Bookout, 2003

Dr. Grant Gunn, 2016

Dr. Yi Shi, 2016

Advising Faculty and Faculty Authors

Alan Arbogast, PhD, 1998

Antoinette WinklerPrins, PhD, 2002

Jay Harman, PhD, 2004

David Lusch, PhD, and Bob Goodwin, MA, 2006

Kirk Goldsberry, PhD, and Adrienne Goldsberry, MA, 2008

Jessica Moy, MA, Bob Goodwin, MA, and Justin Booth, MA, 2008

Sharon Zhong, PhD, 2010

Gary Schnakenberg, PhD, 2014


See the “History” page for a list of our Instructors.



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