Intro. to Geospatial Technologies, onGEO-IGT (required certificate course)

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This online course is designed to introduce students to the nature of geographic information, as well as the tools and technologies that geospatial professionals use to access, manipulate, and display geographic information. It is a combined introduction to geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), global positioning systems (GPS), and cartography (the science and art of map-making), as well as topics such as geospatial ethics and crowd-sourcing geographic information. Students should emerge from this course with a greater understanding of the practical application of GIS and other geospatial technologies and will be able to create maps using a variety of publicly available mapping programs. Introduction to Geospatial Technologies serves as a foundation for the three remaining courses in the Geospatial Tools and Technology Certificate. This course was formerly referred to as “Intro-N001” and is now listed as “IGT.”

This 7-week course is eligible for Michigan State University Continuing Education Units (MSU CEUs), as well as Michigan Department of Education State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs).

CEUs 6.0
SCECH Credits:

Certificate: This course is required for the Professional Certificate in GIS (Geographic Information Science)

Offered: Spring (sessions 1, 2), Summer (sessions 3, 4), Fall (sessions 5, 6). Session dates.
Textbook: Introduction to Geospatial Technologies, 3rd Edition by Bradley A. Shellito, 2016. W.H. Freeman, Inc. NY.  (ISBN: 978-1-4641-8872-5). Required.

How to Register: You can easily register via the onGEO Store. Select the course you want to take from those listed in the store and follow these instructions (MSU GoogleDoc).

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