Geographic Information Systems, ONGEO-N002

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In this online GIS course, students will explore the technical and theoretical issues in the design, implementation, and use of geographic information systems (GIS) for a variety of practical applications and research topics. Students will learn the structure of a GIS, the theoretical background for how spatial analysis is performed using GIS, where to obtain geographic data sets, and the many applications of GIS in diverse professional and academic fields. Lab exercises provide students with hands-on opportunities to develop proficiency with ArcGIS, the industry-standard GIS software, and to apply GIS analysis to a variety of real-world scenarios.

This 7-week course is eligible for Michigan State University Continuing Education Units (MSU CEUs), as well as Michigan Department of Education State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs).

CEUs: 5.5
SCECH Credits
: 55

Certificate: GIS (Geographic Information Science)

Offered: Spring (1,2), Summer (1,2), Fall (1,2). Session dates

Textbook: Geographic Information Systems and Science, 4th Edition by Paul A. Longley, Mike Goodchild, David J. Maguire, and David W. Rhind, 2016. Wiley. (ISBN: 978-1-118-67695-0). Required.

How to Register: You can easily register via MSU’s Non-Credit Registration System. Go to the NCRS, select “ONGEO 002: Geographic Information Systems” from the list of courses, and follow the directions provided under the “Register Now” heading.

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