Criminal Justice Applications in Geographic Information Systems, onGEO-CJ (specialization course)

Download Syllabus from MSU's GoogleDocs

This course covers the fundamental concepts and applications of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in contemporary Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement fields. The basics of geospatial technologies are presented through a combination of online lessons and labs that will inform, test and apply usable skills in common and complicated real-world scenarios. Come join us and learn about the future of Geospatial Applications in Criminal Justice!

Certificate: This course can be used as a specialization for the Professional Certificate in GIS (Geographic Information Science) or can be taken individually. It is NOT a required course for the Certificate.

Offered: typically Spring (sessions 2), Summer (session 4), Fall (session 6). Session dates

Textbook: None.

Cost: $500

How to Register: You can easily register via the onGEO Store. Select the course you want to take from those listed in the store and follow these instructions (MSU GoogleDoc). Registration for this course will be available in February.

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