MSU-GEO proclaimed as site for Geography Awareness Week

Recognition of the benefits brought to society by those who study geography is increasing, and the Department of Geography at Michigan State University is at the forefront of that effort. As a result, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently signed a proclamation declaring the MSU Department of Geography the site for Geography Awareness Week, November 15-21.

Dee Jordan, president of the MSU Geography Graduate Group, coordinated the effort to have the state recognize her department.

“As a Geography graduate student, I’m extremely delighted that our elected officials see the importance of supporting geography curriculum statewide and honoring Geography Awareness Week,” she said.  “What better place than MSU!”

According to Jordan, the study of geography has endured an era of departmental mergers, shrinking funds and low enrollment, but MSU is fortunate to have faculty and students with great talent and energy.

“This is such a wonderful honor for the department,” she said. “Without geography we would be nowhere…literally!”

Check with the Department of Geography for detailed information on upcoming Geography Awareness Week activities.

From “Governor proclaims MSU as site for Geography Awareness Week” (MSU – College of Social Science)

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