What Is onGEO?

Online Geography at Michigan State University (onGEO@MSU) was created in 1999 as the online branch of the Department of Geography at Michigan State University. Working hand-in-hand with faculty members, onGEO develops, manages, and maintains all online courses offered by the Department. Today onGEO offers both credit courses for students attending MSU and professional certificate courses for those seeking career training and advancement.

Who Is Involved in onGEO?

The goal of onGEO is to work with advising faculty members to create high quality courses for students that are both challenging and fun. We consistently take advantage of new tools and technologies in online learning, in part by developing each course in coordination with MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology. Several of our courses have received awards for online teaching!

What Does an onGEO Course Offer?

A common goal of all onGEO courses is to impart each student with a geographic perspective. To do this we use current events and case studies that demonstrate how geography can be applied in the real world. Our hope is that when you take an onGEO course, you will not only learn about the topic of study, but about the world around you and how a geographer would see and study it. The best part is that you can do it all right from the convenience of your own computer and on your own schedule!

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